Scarlet and Gray

Scarlet & Gray:

Ohio State's official school colors since 1878, Scarlet and Gray were chosen by a group of three students in a lecture room in University Hall because "it was a pleasing combination...and had not been adopted by any other college," noted selection committee member Alice Townshend Wing.

Brutus Buckeye

Brutus Buckeye:

Prior to 1965, Ohio State had no mascot. It was that year students in Ohio Stater’s, Incorporated (a long-standing student service organization that is still in existence today), took matters into their own hands and launched an effort to create a mascot for the school.

In October of 1965, students Ray Bourhis and Sally (Huber) Lanyon began to build a papier-mâché mascot at the Pi Beta Phi sorority house in the off-campus area, with the financial support of Stater’s. The mascot, without an official name at the time, made its debut at Ohio Stadium on October 30, 1965, at Ohio State’s Homecoming football game against Minnesota. Shortly after this premiere, Stater’s hosted a contest to identify a name for the mascot, which ultimately was announced as Brutus Buckeye.

Because the papier-mâché Brutus was not durable for Ohio weather conditions, a fiberglass mascot was created. At the conclusion of the 1965 football season, management of Brutus was turned over to Block “O,” another Ohio State student organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing school spirit and pride; the organization is also still in existence today. Block “O” managed the mascot until 1974, when Ohio State’s Athletics department took control, where he has been lovingly cared for ever since.

Brutus has undergone a number of updates through the years, and continues to appear at Ohio State sporting and university events. In 2015, Brutus Buckeye celebrated his 50th birthday, and is still one of the most beloved figures at Ohio State. For more information on the history of Brutus, visit:

 The Buckeye Leaf Helmet Decal

The Buckeye Leaf Helmet Decal:

The design of the Ohio State Buckeye leaf was originally drawn in 1950 by alumnus and comic strip artist Milton Caniff and was intended to represent the buckeye tree as a symbol for strength and sturdiness of all Ohio State students. The first Buckeye leaf decal appeared on the helmets of the 1967 OSU football team and are still given to players today for execution of an exceptional play on the field.

 Gold Pants

The Gold Pants Club:

Although not a game that changed the season for a player, the game against the University of Michigan in 1934 placed new coach Francis Schmidt into the hearts of Buckeye fans. Ohio State won the game 34-0, its largest margin of victory in the series to that point. Coach Schmidt changed Buckeye lore forever when, before the season, he was asked about beating Michigan. Schmidt commented that he didn’t see the problem. After all, the University of Michigan football players “put their pants on one leg at a time same as everybody else.” This comment created the “The Gold Pants Club,” a group of businessmen who award a miniature gold football pants charm to all players who participate in a win over the Wolverines. The charms are engraved with each player’s initials, the date of the game, and the final score.



"The Best Damn Band In The Land' is the 225-member, all-brass Ohio State Marching Band that formed in 1879 as a military band. Also known as "The Pride of the Buckeyes," the band perhaps is best known for the incomparable Script Ohio. Another band tradition of note is the "skull session," a warmup concert/pep rally in St. John Arena, open to the public before every home football game.

 Script Ohio

Script Ohio:

The signature formation of the Ohio State Marching Band performed before, during halftime or after home football games. Each time the formation drill is performed, a different fourth-or fifth-year sousaphone player has the privilege of standing as the dot in the "i" of "Ohio." At exactly 16 measures from the end of "Le Regiment," the drum major struts out toward the top of the "i," with a senior sousaphone player high-stepping a couple of paces behind. As the crowd's cheering crescendos, the drum major stops and dramatically points to the spot, and the sousaphone player assumes the post of honor, doffs his or her hat and bows deeply to both sides of the stadium. Woody Hayes and Bob Hope are among the select few non-band members who have had the honor of dotting the "i."

 School Songs

School Songs:

Ohio State proudly boasts an alma mater (Carmen Ohio) and two fight songs (Across the Field and Buckeye Battle Cry).

Buckeye Battle Cry!
Across the Field
Carmen Ohio

Ohio State Marching Band Website