About the Ohio State Trademark Licensing Program

The Office of Trademark & Licensing Services is an independent licensing program that regulates, promotes and protects the use of the university’s name and identifying marks, both on and off campus.


History & Tradition


The name, seal and identifying marks of The Ohio State University denote a tradition of growth and excellence, combined with an unending school spirit. Ohio State has one of the largest alumni associations and single-campus enrollments in the nation. The registered marks of The Ohio State University are among the most popular collegiate emblems nationwide.

The Office of Trademark & Licensing Services was established in 1982 to control, protect and license the university name and identifying marks on commercial products. The primary function was to register the trademarks and license the use of Ohio State trademarks on products for public consumption.

Since that time, the office has evolved, and is now the campus contact responsible for the use of the Ohio State brand on products and services; university promotions and advertising; sponsorships; affinity programs; and enforcement of the brand.

The university has registered its marks in the state of Ohio and the United States since 1974, and continues to pursue registration overseas. This insures protection of the integrity and identity of the university, while at the same time, royalties collected through the Licensing Program fund scholarships for deserving students. By ensuring that products bearing the university marks are of high quality and good taste, we further promote Ohio State’s reputation as one of the nation’s finest universities. Proper use of the university’s name also stimulates public awareness and support.

Prior written permission is needed from Trademark & Licensing Services for use of the university name or marks for anything other than Official University business. This also applies to student groups and organizations that wish to make use of the University name in conjunction with their group or activities, or those groups desiring use of the university’s identifying marks.


Royalties derived from the commercial use of the University’s registered marks directly benefit the students at Ohio State by funding a variety of scholarships and programs.

The Core Values of the Ohio State Licensing Program

PURPOSE: We steward the Ohio State brand through protection and promotion to generate assets in support of the university's mission, vision, and values.


MISSION: As empowered by the Board of Trustees, Trademark & Licensing Services serves the university by managing the commercial use of its name and identifying symbols, providing academic support funding, and promotion of the university's name and goodwill.

VISION: The Office of Trademark & Licensing will be the central depository for all university trademarks and the central clearinghouse for all identifying marks of the university, including the name, logos and any affiliation. The office will be valued by its internal and external customers for its commitment to quality, efficiency, innovation, creativity, fairness and integrity. The office will operate proactively and actions will support the values and mission of The Ohio State University.


VALUES: Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Collaboration, Spirit Ambassadors