Crafter Program

The Ohio State Crafter Licensing Program provides the opportunity for small home businesses in Ohio to legally produce and sell homemade products that bear Ohio State indicia. Royalties generated from the sales of the licensed products directly benefit the students at Ohio State by funding a variety of scholarships and programs. The Crafter Licensing Program is ideal for fans, alumni, and individuals who are interested in producing small quantities of Ohio State products to sell at craft shows and to individuals.


This program is structured slightly differently from the standard licensing program, and is more accessible for the general interest crafter. Please read below for information about the Crafter Licensing Program. If this structure does not pertain to you, please visit the Standard Licensing Program page.


Crafter Program Structure:

  • Products must be hand-made in your home
  • Sales will be permitted to individuals only through craft shows, fairs, events, and/or your own hosted website
  • No wholesale sales to any third party retailers
  • Available to residents of Ohio
  • NON-APPAREL items only 


Contact Gretchen Webster at with any questions.


Click here to complete the Ohio State Crafter Program Application online.


Criteria of Evaluation:

  • Value added to the licensing program
  • Quality
  • Appropriateness
  • Comprehensive Proposal