Student Organization Requests for Use of Trademarks

Pursuant to Ohio law, all student organizations must obtain permission for use of the university name or logo or trademarked assets for all requests. This includes websites, social media account pages, event or other marketing materials, and branded apparel or merchandise.

These guidelines go into effect immediately.


All student organizations who receive approval for the use of the university’s logo or trademarks for used on a website or printed or digital materials (e.g., flyers, electronic signs) for activities not otherwise sponsored by the university must include the following disclaimer on their website or print/digital materials:

We <student organization name> are a registered student organization at The Ohio State University. Registration shall not be construed as Ohio State’s approval, endorsement, or sponsorship of our registered student organization’s publications, activities, purposes, actions or positions.

Student Organizations:

Please complete the Student Request Form or Sports Club Request Form for requests to use the university’s name, logo or trademarks (also known as intellectual properties) on your student organizations website, social media accounts, events, marketing materials, apparel, merchandise, etc.

Requirements for all registered student organizations and sports club teams:

  • Before submitting your request and designs refer to Student Organization section of the university’s student brand guidelines. All requests are expected to follow these guidelines.
  • Use of Ohio State licensed companies for all student organization and sport club requests: See list of licensed companies
  • A completed Student Request Form must accompany all designs.*
  • Make sure to indicate the approved licensed company you will be using for any branded apparel or merchandise.
  • All designs with a completed request form must be submitted to Trademark & Licensing Services via

Sport Clubs:

  • Uniforms or competition required apparel is exempt from royalties for Sport Club teams recognized through the university’s Office of Student Life Rec-Sport Program.
  • Use of any other company to produce equipment that a licensed company is unable to provide requires unless prior written authorization is provided by Trademark and Licensing.

*Pre-approval by the Office of Trademark and Licensing Services must be given for all uses of university protected word marks, logos or trademarks. Use of a licensed company is required.

More information about branding guidelines for students and student organizations may be found at

Royalty Required for:

  • Any item sold to general public
  • Any item sold to members, family, friends
  • Any item sold to faculty, staff & students
  • Any item sold for fundraising within the department, school or student organization
  • Use of any university word marks, logos

In these instances, any request for use of university trademarks must be fulfilled by a licensed company in the Ohio State Licensing Program with a royalty paid by the licensed company. Royalties generated from the sales of products manufactured by licensed companies directly benefit the students at Ohio State by funding a variety of scholarships and programs.

Prohibited Use

  • Implying endorsement, approval or underwriting of any organization, product, activity, service or contract by The Ohio State University.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, sexually explicit or religious graphics or descriptions, or unauthorized use of other trademarks is prohibited in conjunction with the university’s word marks or trademarks.
  • University seal on letterhead, business cards or other identifying materials.
  • Athletic identity mark is restricted from use by all university entities except the Department of Athletics.

More information about Student Organizations and Sport Clubs can be found on the Office of Student Life Student Organization Website.

Grievance Process

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3345.141, a grievance may be submitted to for further review where either (1) a request for usage of a trademark by a student organization is not approved or (2) if there it appears that a student organization is improperly using the university’s logo or trademarks, including if a student organization does the following:

  • Uses Ohio State’s logo or trademark without permission.
  • Fails to include the above disclaimer where required
  • Uses the logo to indicate the state university's approval, endorsement, or sponsorship of any of the organization's publications, activities, purposes, actions, or positions that are not sanctioned by the university.

Grievances submitted to must clearly state the reason for the grievance in alignment with this section and provide supporting documentation for review. Grievance outcomes will be determined in the sole discretion of the Office of Trademark and Licensing.

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