How To Apply For Standard Licensing

Ohio State is only accepting NON-APPAREL applications for licensing consideration.  

Applications are reviewed on the SECOND TUESDAY of each month by the Ohio State licensing focus group.

How to Apply for Licensing:

  1. Complete the Ohio State Non-Apparel Licensing Application
  2. Complete the Product Sample Submission Form
  3. Submit all required forms and (non-Ohio State) Samples to:

The Ohio State University
Trademark & Licensing Services
1100 Kinnear Road, Suite 210
Columbus, OH 43212-1152     

Contact Gretchen Webster at with any questions. 


Deadline for each month: All FULLY-COMPLETE NON-APPAREL applications must be received by the Friday before the Tuesday meeting in order to be included in that monthly meeting.


The non-apparel royalty rate is 12%.

Click here to start the Ohio State Licensing Application


NON-APPAREL Application Requirements:

  • Signed Ohio State Licensing Proposal
  • Sample Submission Form for each product to be reviewed
  • Non-Ohio State sample product(s)
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Statement
  • Review by Licensing Focus Group

 Criteria of Product Evaluation:

  • Quality
  • Marketability
  • Liability
  • Appropriateness
  • Availability of similar products through existing licensees
  • Company stability
  • Experience in licensing



For information about apparel and headwear sub-licensing opportunities, please visit: