The Office of Trademark & Licensing Services is an independent licensing program that regulates, promotes and protects the use of the university’s name and identifying marks, both on and off campus. It is the campus contact responsible for the use of the Ohio State brand on products and services; university promotions and advertising; sponsorships; affinity programs; and enforcement of the brand.

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Apply for a License

Companies interested in applying for a license with Ohio State must complete the full application process. All forms, requirements and information about applying for a license can be found here.

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Student Request

Student Organizations, Sport Club Teams, and Student Greek Orgs can request to use university marks on merchandise and uniforms by completing and submitting a Student Request Form.

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Licensing Spotlight


Ohio State launches “BUY BUCKEYE” awareness campaign:

Ohio State enjoys the spirit and support from one of the nation’s longest standing alumni associations (now nearly 500,000 strong) and one of the nation’s largest single-campus enrollment. One of the ways that Buckeyes show their pride is through Ohio State merchandise. What they may not be aware of is that every time they purchase official Ohio State gear, they are also supporting student scholarships and other university initiatives that maintain a legacy of tradition and excellence.

The Office of Trademark and Licensing, University Communications and the Department of Athletics, teamed up to create an awareness campaign to promote the importance of buying officially licensed merchandise called BUY BUCKEYE. The team engaged the Advancement internship program as a unique way to integrate student perspectives and provide learning opportunities for integrated branding. The results: an upbeat “Look for the Label” video to be deployed through social media and athletic media assets.

Ohio State’s trademarks are among the most popular collegiate emblems nationwide. To date, the Licensing Program has generated over $130 million in royalty revenue from approximately $1.3 billion in licensed retail sales.

The university trademarks have been registered in the state of Ohio and the United States since 1974, and continue to expand overseas. The Office of Trademark and Licensing is responsible for the registration and use of the Ohio State brand on products and services; university promotions and advertising; sponsorships; and affinity programs. By ensuring that all products and services bearing the university trademarks are aligned with the university mission, of high quality, the Office reinforces Ohio State’s reputation as one of the nation’s top universities.

For more information on The Ohio State University Licensing Program and how to 
BUY BUCKEYE, contact:

Department Request

University Departments can request to use university marks on merchandise (apparel and non-apparel) by completing and submitting a Department Request Form for approval.

Trademark & Licensing Services will assist departments in the process of registering University Trademarks when requested.

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Current Licensees

Currently licensed companies can find additional information about the licensing program, various forms to use, and local retailer information here.

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