Department Trademark Registration


Registration of University Trademarks by Departments

Trademark and Licensing Services at The Ohio State University, as a matter of policy, is the designated clearing house for all university-related trademarks. All university-derived marks are the property of The Ohio State University and will be registered as such in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Our role in this registration process is solely to be the clearinghouse of all registration requests in order to ensure proper steps are taken for you as the client. No additional fees will be assessed for our services beyond the required filing fees as stated by the USPTO and outside counsel.

To start the registration process, we will need you to complete the TM Registration Request Form. In addition, attach a copy of the artwork in question, the Date of First Use in Commerce of this mark, 2 exhibits of Use in Commerce of the mark, per class of Goods and/or Services, a description of the Goods and/or Services - e,g. education/entertainment, fund-raising, clothing, printed matter.

The filing fees are listed below in the FEE SCHEDULE. Please note that each of these steps are done at different times throughout the ten-year lifespan of the registration and will be handled by our office for your convenience. Fees are listed and assessed on a "per mark/per class" basis for an initial total of $1135.00. This fee will be charged at the start of this registration process. Additional charges may be required throughout the life of the trademark registration; this information will be communicated to the initiator for approval.


Complete the Ohio State Department Trademark Registration Form (PDF) then print to submit with the following requirements.

  1. Complete the OSU TM Registration Request Form
  2. Attach the Artwork of the Logo or Wordmark to Register
  3. Supply the Date of First Use in Commerce
  4. Include Exhibits of Use in Commerce
  5. Write a Description of Goods and/or Services
  6. Supply Chartfield Financial Information for $1135.00 Filing Fees as an upfront payment



  1. Application for registration, per class: $335.00
  2. Filing a Statement of Use under 1(d)(1), per class: $100.00
  3. Application for renewal, per class: $400.00
  4. Filing section 8 affidavit, per class: $100.00
  5. Filing section 15 affidavit, per class: $200.00